Hashting – Branding A Vision

(Digital Design + Bespoke Services)

The Game:

Hashing is a European mobile messing software company that build platforms for seamless consumer journeys. They lacked an online identity and wanted to focus on a coherent look and feel.
They had the platforms, a website and social media accounts, but none of it was inviting. One of their themes is around connectivity, so the relationship between their content and their potential leads was essential.
TIWWD launched a multi-channel campaign offering solutions to bring their vision to life and give it some bounce to take off. We redesigned their logo and website for maximum impact and then moved into branding their workshops.
The campaign included dynamic designs of company communications, such as newsletters and presentations. Finally, we filmed a Heroes Journey workshop and created a series of email and social media banners for the entire team to use in their accounts.

The Bounce: a fantastic response across all digital platforms and a new plan to expand the business to different territories.

"Creativity and agility are now more important than ever. Mitch and the TIWWD team are proactive in bringing the latest and best ideas to the table to help us do what we do more effectively and stand aside from our competition.
They work smart and work fast, so our budget is well spent. Can't recommend them highly enough."

- Bart Baeyens / Founder of Hashting


Hasbro – Redesigning The Monopoly Experience.

(Promotional Design)

The Game:

Hasbro, the award-winning international games company, leading the way in ethical and innovative games, has created a new version of the classic Monopoly.
The new version is more like an Uno card game than the complicated board and pieces set of the traditional game.
TIWWD joined the company at the point of the new product launch and was tasked with designing, printing, and shipping the brand new merchandise to the Nordic countries.
We applied a design thinking methodology to appeal to a customer base with a new set of drivers; the way board games are played has changed, and every promotional piece in our kit needed to reflect this.
The solution included a foldable and transportable gameboard, a clear and set of instructions for players to navigate the new game and a set of branded post-it notes for players to write down their scores.

The Bounce: The result was a huge success. The pilot trial launched in the Nordic countries has now been scheduled for release in the UK, France, Belgium etc.
The social media response from customers has been overwhelmingly positive.

"Having had the opportunity to work with Mitch and TIWWD for a number of years, they have consistently done great work in translating our briefs into print and digital marketing assets of high quality and impact. For example their recent work on our multi-country, multi-language Monopoly programs for Hasbro gaming, perfectly captured the brand tone and will help deliver great program results."

- Alex Meir / Country General Manager, The Insiders Network.


PERRIER – packaging + campaign elements

(Promotional Design)

The Game:

Perrier needed our help testing a new sparkling water product for their range here in the UK. The promotional design incorporated their bigger brand elements while focusing on a new set of touchpoints that accentuated the freshness of the new product.
We created a beautiful box set and distributed thousands within the UK.

The Bounce: The promotion was such a success that we created a second round of box sets shortly after and handled the logistical distribution here in the UK.

"I worked with Mitch on several new product launches for Perrier. This is a brand with a huge focus on packaging, whose identity is very much design-led and therefore incredibly sensitive from a design point of view. Mitch and his team were able to perfectly embody the brand identity within their design work, whilst sensitively introducing a nice change of pace for the new product launches. Ultimately, this sensitivity to the brief kept the client coming back."

-James Elsworth / Country Manager NORDICS & UK Business Development, The Grapevine