Every company is created on the back of an idea or with the purpose in mind to fulfil a (business) need. One could say the same for TIWWD, but if you get to know our founders, you will realize quickly that the company was created purely out of passion. Passion is what our founders share. 

We could give you an overview of our founders' accreditation and professional resume, but what would you gain from that? We want to show you who we are because that ultimately results in What We Do. At TIWWD, we are driven by our passion – first and foremost for design and business, yes, but that passion stands for far more - people, stories, creativity and inspiration. 

“We want to connect with our clients and their brand or business – We care about what we create.” – Julius Klaus

When you ask our creative lead Michel Thysen, he would tell you that we all have creativity in us – “One only needs the right opportunity to let it flow, perhaps a location or the people around you.” Michel achieves his highest peak of inspiration by walking through London’s streets. Once he turns on his music, the world is turned off - Every street sign, colourful graffiti or advertisement in public transport becomes the source of his creativity. 

“Inspiration is a state of mind. Today, the city of London gives me an abundance of inspiration. It's everywhere and ready to grasp." – Michel Thysen

Doesn’t the past show us that two different kinds create the perfect fit, like Bill Gates & Paul Allen, Steve Jobs & Steve Wozniak, Siegfried & Roy, or Lilo & Stitch? The list goes on and on. And so are our founders, Michel Thysen & Julius Klaus.  :-) 

What do all of these famous pairs have in common? Each of them is diverse in themselves – and that’s the secret behind it. To get along in business, partners should have different skill sets. Imagine two great minds who are good with numbers but both bad with deadlines – this wouldn’t result in great success. 

Our Managing Director Julius Klaus learned throughout his experience that design is not only the beauty you see but also about functionality and user-friendliness. Being the business head of our company, his focus lies on delivering sustainability to clients, and in return, it will have a positive impact on their business.

"We apply design management – First, we understand the needs of the consumer and then we create long-term solutions."

There are thousands of creative agencies in London, each of them individually creative in their own way. We could tell you a whole story about why we are different and what makes us unique, but at TIWWD, it's not about comparing our success to others. 

We show you who we are, so you understand what we do –

"TIWWD is the visualization of a passion."

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